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Daily Picture: Miley


I got the order mixed up yesterday and it was supposed to be Miley's. Oh well.

Demi Lovato: Vintage Concert Pictures

as in pre-black hair...

WARNING: image heavyCollapse )

Selena Gomez Picspam!!!!

Official first picspam!! yay!!! I love Selena!

This way!!!Collapse )

Daily Picture: Kevin


Thought I should put this community into effect right away. Still waiting for picspam posts! C'mon guys!!


Welcome everybody to my new Disney picspam commmunity!! I have tried my best to set the layout as user friendly as possible (to be honest livejournal does not make it easy!)

The main purpose of this community is for pictures of JB/Demi/Selena/Taylor and Miley however posts of picspams of the not as well known disney stars such as Jennifer Stone, David Henrie, Meaghan Martin etc, is allowed as well as long as the person is involved in disney somehow.

This community is for everyone so please, if you have pictures of our Disney stars you would like to share, please go ahead and post them. All I ask is that all pictures must be behind a livejournal cut except for a resonably sized introductory picture and that you explain either in the title or before the cut who the picspam is about.


Picspams of more than one person such as Demi/Selena or Miley/Nick is allowed and encouraged. Also try avoid using image holders such as photobucket and use either imageshack of tinypic, just to make it easier for everybody. Also I will create tags for each of the seven people we focus on so when posting could you please tag ' picspam: joe' or 'picspam: demi/selena' . I will create appropriate tags for each post.

I also will be doing daily pictures in the order of...

Monday: Joe Jonas
Tuesday: Taylor Swift
Wednesday: Miley Cyrus
Thursday: Kevin Jonas
Friday: Demi Lovato
Saturday: Nick Jonas
Sunday: Selena Gomez

I am quite excited about the idea and hope that you all will be too! I can only encourage you to collect all your pictures and start posting right now!!! Well... what are you waiting for?? Get posting!!!